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    March 19-21 in Atlanta
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    February 27 in Augusta
ECI FCCLA is Awarded $5,000

Pictured Left to right:(Front row: Toni Terwilliger, Jessica Hodges, Radonna Sapp (Allstate agent), Brittany Sherrod, and Leigh Webb)(Back Row: Jim Sherrod, Retha Lynn Hodges, Loy D Cowart, Adam Lane, and Barry Joiner)

Two members of ECI’s FCCLA chapter, Jessica Hodges and Brittany Sherrod, competed in the National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS) Video Contest, which is sponsored by the Allstate Foundation. They were inspired by Leigh Webb and their advisor Anna Johnson.  Jessica and Brittany were able to direct a few events for this cause. Some of the events consisted of handing out information with texting and driving facts, letting others pledge not to text and drive, holding school-wide assemblies, and interviewing faculty and students about the dangers of texting and driving. Dakota Moss and Michael Brown composed a song just for the video. The song  was entitled “Don’t Do It”, and it was a big hit with the kids. The song was played on 97.1 during the voting period encouraging people to vote for ECI.  They were able to put together a video with the help of the ECI Today crew. They took short clips of everything they did and posted it on the Act Out Loud website so that people could watch the video as well as vote for it. There were many videos worthy of praise, and ECI’s video happened to be one of them. With the help of the community and all their votes, these girls were able to win $5,000 for their FCCLA Chapter.  The money will be used to educate students about safe driving.  Radonna Sapp from Allstate come to the school August 23, 2011, and presented these students with the $5,000 check.  Ms. Sapp commended the girls for their  hard work and how creative and well edited the video was. 



Four ECI FCCLA members traveled to Anaheim, California, this summer with their adviser Anna Johnson and their parents to compete at the National FCCLA conference.  Olivia Rigdon competed in Recycle and Redesign.  Throughout the school year Olivia encouraged students to recycle.  She placed boxes  around the school so students could put their recyclable items in them.  At the end of each week she gathered all the items and made jewelry out of those items.  Students were amazed at what their “trash” had been turned in to.  Olivia took top honors at Nationals and won the Gold medal.  Julie Scott competed in Illustrated Talk.  She developed a reward system at ECI to encourage positive behavior.  The students were given a “bulldog buck” when they exhibited good behavior.  They could then use this “buck” in the school store, The Kennel.  The Kennel consisted of bulldog memorabilia, school supplies, and food.  Julie won the silver medal for her efforts.  Sheana Scott and Danielle Donaldson competed in Chapter Service Project manual.  These girls created the “Clean-Up Committee of Bulldog City”, which was a group of students who worked all year on cleaning up the road ways in our community.  The girls also adopted a highway in honor of the ECI FCCLA Chapter.  Sheana and Danielle took top honors at nationals and won the Gold Medal.  The students and their families enjoyed many wonderful attractions while in California.  They visited Disney Land, Hollywood, and Laguna Beach.  ECI is very proud of these students and their accomplishments. 

ECI FCCLA X-the-Text Winners

(Pictured left to right: Brittany Sherrod, Sandy Spavone (NOYS foundation), and Jessica Hodges)

ECI FCCLA Members, Jessica Hodges and Brittany Sherrod traveled to Anaheim, California, this summer to expand the knowledge of texting and driving dangers nation-wide. They helped run the NOYS (National Organization for Youth Safety) booth at the National FCCLA Convention, educating students about their project “Arrive Alive”. Some schools were interested in starting programs in their area, and the girls were able to give pointers on how to start a successful program. The girls worked with Sandy Spavone, project manager for the NOYS foundation.  Mrs. Spavone offered advice and ideas to expand their project.  ECI is very proud of Jessica and Brittany, and we can’t wait to see all the wonderful ideas they have in store for the up-coming year.