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High school students are allowed to miss no more than ten (10) days in a single class in a semester.  Students who do miss more than ten days will not receive credit and will have the opportunity to contest this decision to a hardship committee.


Middle school students are allowed to miss no more than twenty (20) days in a single class for the school year.  Students who do miss more than ten days will not receive credit and will have the opportunity to contest this decision to a hardship committee.


A Certification of Attendance is required for all students enrolled in a public or private high school who are seeking a driver’s license.  This certificate is available through the office.  Students are to complete a request form at the front desk and return that afternoon to receive the notarized certificate.


Students must never leave school without first checking out through the Office of the Attendance Clerk.  Parental approval is required in writing before a student will be allowed to check out.  Parental Contact Information is needed for verification purposes.  Students arriving at school during the day or returning to school after checking out must check in at the Office of the Attendance Clerk prior to entering class. Failure to sign out will constitute truancy and will be dealt with accordingly.  The administration and faculty discourage students from leaving school during the school day unless absolutely necessary (illness, emergency, etc.). Students should try to schedule appointments which do not conflict with the school day.  If it becomes necessary for a student to check out of school, the following procedures must be followed:


  1. Persons checking out the student are to do so through the Office of Attendance Clerk.
  2. Students checking themselves out will be required to have written permission from parent or guardian, with telephone number for verification.  The notes are to be turned in to the students’ first block teacher.  The student will be called from class to sign out at check out time listed in note.
  3. No student will be allowed to return to school that same day without doctor/dentist excuse or administrative excuse.
  4. Telephone check out requests will not be accepted.
  5. No student will be allowed to check out of school and walk off of the ECI campus without administrative approval.


Any student arriving to school after 8:45 a.m. must have a parent note or doctor’s excuse.  Any violation of this policy could result in disciplinary action.



1 – 5  Unexcused Absences:  Teacher Intervention; phone contact


5        Unexcused Absences:   Counselor makes contact; phone contact; letters mailed, notes sent home by student; parent conferences; discussion concerning attendance during Student Support Team (SST)meetings and Individualized  Educational Program (IEP)meetings.


7     Unexcused Absences:      Counselor makes Social Worker referral


3     Unexcused Tardies/Early Releases is the equivalent to 1 Unexcused Absence


Excessive Excused Absences:  In the event a child has 10 or more excused absences with an excuse being written by the parent, counselor and social worker will meet with the parent to address      reason          for the absences.  This excludes written excuses from Health Care Providers.  In some cases, a referral is made to truancy court, in others, there may be a need for interventions from outside agencies.


Social Worker Interventions:               


1.        Attend SST/IEP meetings to address issue of attendance.

2.        In the event there is an open DFCS case, Social worker will

contact case worker for assistance in addressing the problem.

3.     In the event the student is involved with DJJ,

        probation officer will be contacted.

4.     In some cases, letters will be sent or home visits will

        be made.


Truancy Court Referral Process:


1.        Referral form made at school level.

2.        Juvenile complaint filed with DJJ to include the following;

A.      Current information form from school

B.       Current attendance report

C.       Copy of permanent attendance record

D.      Copies of letters mailed to parent/guardian


3.        Court date is set for every 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Emanuel County Jail located on Kite Road.


Court Intervention Options:


1.                    DFCS/DJJ referral

2.                    Protective Order through Juvenile Court

3.                    Parenting Classes through Title I Parent Involvement Program or Safe and Stable families.

4.                    Referral to the Sunshine House CAC

5.                    Referral to Ogeechee Behavioral Health Child and Adolescent Center

6.                    Referral to Care Partners

7.                    Saturday School for Student to make up missed days

8.                    Referral to Family Connection

9.                    Referral to other Community Resources

10.                 Incarceration (2nd or 3rd time offenders) of Parent/Guardian

11.                 Fines


Post Court Tracking:


Students are tracked for the entire year.  In the event a student continues to be absent, the same court process is then followed for a second court appearance.


Students who withdraw from the Emanuel County School System are referred to the School Social Worker or Attendance Officer in the receiving school system.  Referral will be made by the school counselor.


For students who are 16 years of age who withdraw with parent consent, the School Social Worker will assist them in enrolling in an adult education program.


Tardies to school or to class will not be tolerated, as they decrease the student’s mandatory amount of instructional time set forth by the Emanuel County Board of Education.  Teachers will document each tardy and on the third occasion (per semester) will assign the student two days of after school detention for tardiness.  Subsequent tardies, fourth and beyond, will result in a referral to the assistant principal.  Actions to be taken are as follows:


Third Tardy:                                           Two days of detention

Fourth Tardy:                                         One day of In-school Suspension

Fifth Tardy:                                            One day of In-school Suspension

Sixth Tardy:                                            Three days of In-school Suspension

Any Subsequent Tardy:                         May result in suspensions or the filing of a petition in Juvenile Court.